Bitcoin – Transparency and Privacy

It’s absolutely awesome when you think about how bitcoin provides the vast numbers of transactions each day that can be viewed with full transparency in the blockchain while providing privacy for the individuals.  P2P truly works.  Bitcoin provides the network and the means for all these secure daily transactions with both transparency and privacy.  Where else is this possible?

To the contrary, the banking world is moving further from P2P and is consolidating.  So in contrast to the Bitcoin ecosystem of both transparency and privacy, the central banking system is becoming more centralized whilst sharing personal data and controlling all your transactions – along with being ambiguous as to their methods.  Bitcoin revels in its simplicity. Banks make depositors adhere to a never ending series of nebulous rules amid their foggy and unrealistically complicated monetary system.

The chart below is a great example of how the banks monetary system is consolidating into a tighter ring of control.  Compare this example of bank control into fewer hands to the bitcoin ecosystem which is rapidly expanding.