How to Track the Dollar Collapse

Important things you won’t be able to do when the currency collapses. When the currency collapses you won’t be able to convert into gold. When the currency collapses you won’t be able to convert into silver. When the currency collapses you won’t be able to convert into bitcoin.

Why? The best reason is that no one will want your currency.

For your survival, we have been trying to make this point as clear as possible. Project ahead and understand that the mantra you’ve been hearing has a definite reason behind it. The dollars in your pocket, IRA, savings, ‘are not worth the paper they’re printed on.’ This is not the first nor the last time we have heard such claims.

Convert now. To the best of your ability give the banks back their useless money by purchasing gold, silver and bitcoin. These are last of the times that you can purchases these tangibles with worthless paper. Max Keiser likens paper currency to toilet paper. In fact convert some to toilet paper, at least you’ll feel more comfortable after the crash and will have lots of friends thanking you.

So why convert now? The US debt, as we know is unsustainable. Government seems to ‘preach’ sustainability in energy and yet can’t do it with its own debt, in fact, they can’t do it with either. The reason for the record low interest rates, and in several cases a negative interest rate, is to enable the cycling of the Federal debt. As interest rates rise the amount of the debt to be recycled grows, thus the Federal Treasury auctions, which is the market where the debt is sold as T-Bills. To compound this situation the interest is not paid but recycled into new debt. This is simple to understand just think of not paying your credit card interest but instead letting the payments and the new interest accrue.

Now that interest rates are rising the Federal debt is increasing much faster due to this recycling of debt and interest as opposed to making an actual payment. Several with word from the ‘financial inside’ have said that the tipping point will occur when the interest rate reaches anywhere from 2.5% to 3% depending on their calculations and for others SWAGs – Scientific Wild A** Guess.

From the Treasury Yield Curve Chart below we can view the interest rate for the ten year treasuries (the bellweather interest rate indicator) listed as 2.63% for the 1st of May. This places the current ten year treasuries within the tipping point range of 2.5% to 3%. In simple terms we approach the cliffs edge as this interest rate rises.